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and are not using. >> we've got to talk about accountability. >> reporter: or no brooks, head of the naacp, calls for a long- term solution in flint tuesday night. >> we have disproportionate number of black, brown and four children subjected elevated lead, that is a problem that grows up. they go to junior high school and high school. >> reporter: part of the 15 point party plan extend beyond repairing the city's water system. it suggests hiring flints used to distribute water bottles at minimum wage and so the national guard. the state is reportedly cutting back door to door distribution. though officials are still urging people to use bottled water and filters. at flints eisenhower elementary school tuesday, parents and their young kids lined up to be tested for lead. >> i'm really concerned.
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being here, seeing how this all is. >> reporter: the governor requested additional federal aid to make sure that everyone in flint under the age of 21 has long-term healthcare to deal with potential effects of lead. adriana diaz, cbs news, flint, michigan. >> at least three other suits have been filed since the crisis was exposed in the fall. tran -- a two seeks class- action status, another asks judge to declare that users do not have to pay water bills. investigators believe natural gas was involved in a deadly explosion that leveled a home in ohio. it happened last night about 100 miles of the cleveland. the explosion sent debris flying, including on top of a nearby home. this scene was directly across the street, high school. district officials cancel classes today while authorities investigate the scene. out in seattle, two people are dead and three are hurt in a shooting at a homeless encampment. police say the victims look at the camp and the shooting was targeted. they are now searching for two people in connection with the case. a 24-year-old man is being held in connection with the sexual assault at fayetteville state university last fall. jonathan jones is charged with
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involving a 22-year-old female acquaintance. police say the incident victim storm. he turned himself in to authorities in pitt county, his bond was set at $250,000. we are learning more about charges against a former deputy and police officer. in november, police say dwayne collins reported a gun stolen from a wood forest department. about the same time, a woman connected to collins reported getting anonymous threats. police say a. investigation shows collins was behind it all. a search of his franklin county home also turned up stolen badges and still keys from the sheriff's department. collins is charged with larceny by an employee as well as cyber stalking and communicating threats. he is a former franklin county deputy. after his arrest, he resigned at his part-time job with youngsville police. this afternoon we are working to learn the cause of an early morning fire in raleigh.
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this fire at a home on hanover street about 5:00 this morning, not far from capital boulevard. the crew but the blaze under control quickly but there was some damage to the home. the woman was treated for burns to the house and smoke inhalation, but she is expected to recover. for the second time in as many days, crews were called out to repair a water main break in wake forest. a 12 inch water main broke on durham road between capital boulevard and tyler run drive. that is the same location as a water main break yesterday morning. officials say the latest break occurred in a new section of pipe that had just been installed. the road was reduced to one ne as utility crews made repairs. the incident left three nearby neighborhoods temporarily without water. let's take a look at stocks now. a mixed bag of not a whole lot of melbourne, the dow up 33 points, nasdaq, down 14 points, and s&p 500, up eight points. for complete market and business news, go to, click on business.
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expected to issue its next policy statement this afternoon. it was six weeks ago that the fed raise interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade. since then, stock market and oil prices have plunged. analysts expect the fed to hand it will slow the pace of its next rate increases with perhaps only two rate hikes rather than the four official signal could be coming this year. new-home sales in the u.s. jumped at the most aggressive rate in nearly a year. in a third consecutive months of gains, the market rose 10% in december. tony 15 overall, sales grew more than 14%. experts say the jump can be credited to cutting unemployment, and relatively low interest rates. the future is now. >> coming up, we explain how you will soon be able to get cash, even pay your mortgage at
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plus analysts predict the world's most valuable company has to come up with something new after apple reported a rare drop in sales. eyolabout 75 million iphones in the last quarter of 2015. that is a record but not by much. sales of the company's premier product were up by less than 1%.
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of apple's revenue. the company is now bracing for its first sales decline in 13 years. at least 8.6% during the january march court or, compared to the first quarter of 2015. toyota is the world's number one automaker for the fourth straight year. they sold more than 10 million vehicles including previous, lexus and camera models. volkswagen which started the first half of 2015 in the leader suffered from an emissions cheating scandal. they sold 9.9 million while general motors rounded out the top three with 9.8 million in vehicle sales. atms are the future will let you leave your debit card at home. j.p. morgan chase is upgrading all of their atms this year to let you withdraw money using your smart phone. the new smart cash machines will let you cash checks, pages critical bills, and even pay the mortgage. women have been doing it for years but men are catching up on it comes to investing in their looks.
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sales at male grooming products and process it -- cosmetic procedures are soaring as younger men try to put their best face forward. >> reporter: he is just 29 years old, but, he says he started noticing signs of aging two years ago, so he decided to do something about it. >> i was trying to get the lines. there is botox which works phenomenally so i thought i would start right now. why not? >> reporter: this new york cosmetic surgeon says he is not seeing more men in their 20s and 30s who want to enhance their looks. >> there's less of a stigma with it. it's not as bad or horrible to go in and get something done and make yourself look a little bit better. >> reporter: male cosmetic procedures including botox injections have soared 273% in the last two decades. and that's not the only way men are improving their appearance. men are also buying more grooming products, everything from shower gel to facial cream. from 2010 to 2015, sales for the mail personal care market
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hitting an estimated $4.2 billion. analyst margie -- says millennial sleep research. >> over the last few decades, we have seen the definition of masculinity relationships making men much more accepting of using grooming products. >> reporter: this doctor says most men don't want anything too drastic. >> men just want to look a little bit better. they do not want to look different. >> obvious you cannot reverse age. we all age. but if you can look as good as you possibly can, why not do it? >> reporter: karina mitchell, cbs news, new york. >> some analysts predict the fastest-growing segment we will see in men's grooming products will be in hair care. >> maybe a few spotty miser, palm eight, gel and mousse andy taylor, you can get it. >> you know of my secrets now. just because you click it does not mean you won't get a
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still ahead, why this woman was issued a seatbelt ticket even though she had fastened.
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we're starting right now. oh, my god. go! can they survive a 27,000-mile race... go, go! the real world? let's go!
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or stream it live or on even police officers sometimes need to be protected. and one unlikely volunteer has signed up for the job. this goose spend the time patrolling and oklahoma city police station. police say the station used to have a good skunk problem, but thanks to this feathered officer, the critters have stayed away. he also enjoys grading the officers, patrolling the parking lots, and eating donuts. the officers are now trying to come up with a name.
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him aflac, even though he is a goose, not a doctor [ laughter ] got to come up with something better. >> we will work on that. i like the name of our pet of the day. >> find major scarlet. >> like on with wind, scarlet. >> and i like our presenters names. carmen. hey max, carmen. >> hi. this is scarlet. she is nervous to be on tv today, but she is part of the gone with the wind letter. she was born in april of last year so she is almost a year old. like all of our cats, she is microchip, space, up to date on her vaccines, healthy and ready to go. you can come visit her at the facility at 959 n. harrison avenue in cary, 3:00 to 6:00 thursday and friday and 12:00 to 4:00 saturday or anytime online. >> carmen, who else is in the gone with the wind letter? >> she was cuddling with her brother, rhett.
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there is prissy and india. >> ashley? >> there was an ashley, i believe she was adopted. >> scarlet is beautiful. >> she is. she loves to play. well, cat angels pet adoptions can hook you up with scarlet him again. thanks so much, carmen. that is it for tran11 news. >> tuning this afternoon for wral news at 4:00 p.m.
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have a great day, everybody. firefighters try to back away from a wall of flames.
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to watch. >> look what happens when they run out of room to run. >> a mama dog is frantic to get under a building. the moment she comes out with precious cargo on board. >> a water logs ferrari is pulled from a stream, no question it's a fail. and what happens when two friends decide to get married. >> just for fun's sake -- >> i'm making your bed. >> it's our bed. >> see all of the drama that has them splitting the sheets. >> that could have got p embarrassing. >> some hot footage has just hit the internet. it comes to us from u.s. trail ya, the incident happened in
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five crews are going to a town
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